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Christopher Wolfs | Allen Wiebe

Our Vision

  • to create inspiring, sustainable homes that are energy conscious, recognizing responsibility to our environment and to future generations
  • to control costs and delivery of our homes in a client-oriented, timely manner
  • we recognize that building a home can often seem overwhelming, and we strive to shoulder this weight with all our clients

Our Means

  • employing the latest technology and most responsible environmental practices within each project, we strive to build the most comfortable, efficient home possible for our clients
  • significant predesign and prefabrication are the two foundational pieces to achieving our high standards
  • training and support of all our employees is paramount to the success of each person and each project

Our Methods

  • client care is paramount to a successful project – listening to the needs and concerns of each client is the hallmark of a Porchlight Home
  • we recognize the close relationship needed between client and builder required to reach the desired outcome of every home;  this is “the porch” of every client’s home, and being invited into this space is something we respect and value
  • Porchlight’s role is to shed light on the building process to achieve the latent hopes and dreams of each client
  • supporting industry partnerships is our greatest strength forward – we value collaboration highly, and foster closer relationships with the various trades and disciplines required to assemble a quality, life-giving home
  • we use design/build software and prefabrication, allowing us to be cost-effective and time sensitive, streamlining the execution of all site-specific projects

Our Team

Christopher Wolfs
Project Manager, Partner

Allen Wiebe
Project Manager, Partner

Dominick Gagné
Project Manager